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Triathlon Training Recovery

Sometimes what you need is...

Recovery is rest, sometimes a day off, sometimes a week or month off. To everything, there is a season. With triathlon training, 80% of all injuries come from errors in judgment so sometimes it's best to take time off, train easy or cross train in a totally different sport. The no pain no gain theory is incorrect, mostly. The body gets stronger by pushing it to the optimum level of stress and letting it rebuild the tiny microscopic tears in muscle fiber. If you don't let it rebuild, it rebels and you end up injured.

There are several ways to tell if you're starting to over train.

Studies have shown that it's volume, not intensity, that's the major cause of over training. So if you're getting stale, focus on speed and less on distance. With the new philosophy of periodization it's better to use speed workouts later in the training cycle than in the beginning.

If you wake up and just don't feel like going for that 18 mile run or that 75 mile bike, think about cutting down the distance rather than scrapping the days training. Cross-training is always the best way to avoid burn out and still stay fit. Aerobics, roller-blade, bowl, ski, row, the list is endless but remember that when a rest day is needed, the best thing is just that... REST. And that means doing absolutely nothing.

Take your best pony and ride into your worst fear

GOOD LUCK and Keep It Fun!!!
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Good Luck and Keep it Fun!