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da hulaman's mission statement

I want to demonstrate that art and athletics can coalesce to form a new medium of divine expression. I hope to inspire and motivate others to create, invent, and build original, wonderful works of art, so they might bring joy and happiness to others.

I want help others become physically fit so they have lots of energy and can live longer, healthier lives.

I wish to inspire others to achieve great things to make their lives exciting, fun and better able to love one another.

May this site inspire you to find the balance in your life as described in the words of running guru and cardiologist Dr.George Sheehan, "first be a good animal, a good craftsman, a good friend, and a saint".

Life give us many challenges but perhaps the toughest is detecting what is our unique purpose for being here? Our resourcefulness and initiative can help us develop new habits and guide us with power to accomplish great things. I have gained much self-esteem and satisfaction in setting and achieving what seemed at the time to be outrageous goals. And I am here to tell you that if I can, you can.

With costume running I found the balance of physical, mental, social and spiritual in my life. First I create the costume mentally and then construct it out of materials needed. I train by running with a heavy backpack so that race day I am ready physically. I ham it up with spectators and children which makes the social interaction lots of fun. And most importantly I use prayer and meditation to bring me the creative ideas and strength to handle the tough moments during construction, training and race day.

I have also used this balance to finish many marathons and the Hawaii Ironman triathlon. I know that if I can train for and complete the Ironman, I can do anything I put my mind to. And if I can accomplish finishing the Ironman than you can fulfill your wildest dreams also. I hope you find something on my pages that help you find your place in achieving many great things that you once thought were impossible.

Good luck and make it fun!

GOOD LUCK and Keep It Fun!!!
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