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My name is Chris Davis, I was born and raised in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I traveled throughout New England selling magazines until I decided to attend Holyoke Community College. Once I graduated I moved to San Francisco where I drove a cab for 16 years. I now live in sunny Tucson, Arizona with my darling wife Perry. I went back to school and graduated from University of Phoenix. I work and play with computer related stuff all day when not getting my exercise or working in our yard.

What's with the grass skirt?

I want to cheer people up and also remind them not to take life too seriously, that we're here for a short time, so enjoy it. Maybe I can inspire someone to start running becauses it's fun and healthy at the same time. It all started in 1984 when I was running the Honolulu Marathon and saw someone wearing the hula. I learned later he was from Canada and would do that every year. I stole the idea from him. I also saw "Cowman" Shirk running with a Viking Hat with Cowhorns in it and thought, I want to be like him. He really cheered me up. It took me some time to get the guts, but finally I took the leap and have been running in costume ever since. I have fun wearing costumes and the hula skirt in particular. The best part is seeing the smiling faces on the little kids. Plus I get lots of positive feedback from adults during the run and that makes it fun for me too.

Endurance sports can be enjoyable. On the negative side I guess some people think of it as practicing shameless self-promotion and ego gratification. In that light, racing for self-esteem can be looked at as seeking outside one's self for validation. It's temporary and fleeting. For me I know that running keeps me in the here and now if that makes sense at all.

What do you think about during long runs and swims?

There isn't much that doesn't pop up on a long ride or run, it's that time when I get those ideas and solutions for daily living. I usually think about lifes problems like what's for dinner, work and relationships. You can read a little about how my mind works during an Ironman Triathlon by reading my Hawaii Ironman Race Report. I have other race reports also.

Some challenging and fun things I've done over the years.

6 Time Bay to Breakers Costume Contest Prize Winner

6 Time Run to the Far Side Costume Contest Prize Winner

PRs at Other Races

My Favorite Runs (not ordered)

GOOD LUCK and Keep It Fun!!!
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Good Luck and Keep it Fun!